Friday, 26 September 2008

Ringing on the Deben, Suffolk - 22nd-24th Sept'08

We have been ringing at the Woodbridge site since May 2008 on a fairly regular basis. To date, we have ringed 530 birds there. Highlights include 10 Nightingales, 1 Firecrest and best of all: 1 Yellow-browed Warbler trapped on the 23rd September (see photo opposite) and a good inland Suffolk record. We have controlled 3 birds at the site so far, these being a Nightingale that was ringed in Strasbourg (believed to be the 6th foreign recovery of this species in Britain), a Long-tailed Tit and a Greenfinch. During this latest ringing session we caught a total of 92 birds over 2 days with 4 'site firsts' - Yellow-browed Warbler, Siskin, Barn Swallow and Redwing.We also noted small numbers of Redwing and Song Thrushes passing through, these were our first Redwing of the Autumn. Other birds ringed over the weekend included several Coal Tit (15th ringed since May) and Blackcaps. This is a first year (3) male. Note the brown specks in the blackening crown.