Friday, 23 January 2009

Winging Waxwings. . . .
To date, we have ringed 11 Waxwings during January 2009 in Suffolk. 7 of these were ringed in Rendlesham, the others later at Kesgrave (26th Jan). These birds were all 1st year birds. There are currently 17 birds remaining (biggest count 47) at Rendlesham and now over 50 birds at Kesgrave. The 2 colour ringed birds are still in Rendlesham amongst the flock of 17. In Kesgrave, we spotted one of our own ringed birds from Rendlesham amongst the sizable and growing flock there. For other Waxwing colour ringed sightings or observations or for more Waxwing project info please email: amazingly one of these Rendlesham birds was colour ringed in Aberdeen during Winter 2008 and was spotted in Stockport, Cheshire, before arriving and spending the last month or so in Rendlesham, Suffolk.

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